How to Make Employees Interested in Going Green

Going green and conserving the environment is one of the best ways big companies can make this planet a better place. The challenge for most organisations is always on bringing all employees on board so that they can be part of the change the company wants. Some of the ways to make employees embrace the concept of going green are as follows.

Make the Company Green

If you want the employees to go green, then you should lead by example. Make the bulbs energy efficient, print less and make the employee see that the company has dedicated time and resources to the concept. You should make it clear that the company’s priority is on the conservation of the environment. Always think about going green as a way of saving money, and consider it as the future of businesses. Ultimately, all companies will have to go green for sustainability, so why not start now and be ahead of others?

Organise Training

Some employees have still not appreciated the value of going green. Maybe they have not been exposed to information on the green economy for them to understand the benefits fully. If you are a manager, you can get an expert to talk to members of staff, so that they can fully appreciate the benefits of going green. This can be annual training or periodic reminders which can even be done virtually.

Reward Employees Who Adhere

One of the ways of getting employees to see the benefits of going green is by having a bonus scheme where those who seem to have embraced this way of life are rewarded. It can be in the form of an award, promotion or public acknowledgement. Another way is by having a recruitment process for people who have gone green or participated in projects that conserve the environment.