How to Get Children Interested in Environmental Conservation

Environmental conservation can only be complete if all of us are involved. It is even better when you get young people to care for the environment because it means that the future generation will be better protected against the environmental degradation that is being faced today. Some of the ways to get children interested are:

Practise What You Preach

Children learn a lot from observation. If you want them to take issues on the environment seriously, you have to start showing by example. Doing basic things like planting trees, recycling, not littering, using environment-friendly cars, and such things go a long way in getting children appreciate the value of the environment.

Start Basic Conversations on Environment

Most people imagine that topics around the the green economy are too complex for children. The reality is that children can learn the basics as long as you have the right language to talk to them. Find ways of simplifying the subject for them. The bottom line should be you explaining to them why they need to care for the environment and the consequences of environmental degradation to them and the whole world.

Get them Actively Involved

There are many activities that children can get involved in. Buy seedlings and let them plant if you want them to appreciate the value of trees. Get them registered for a walk for an environmental cause. You can also get them to donate part of their savings towards the environment, while explaining to them why it matters and the possible projects their contributions could help.

Make it Fun

As much as you may be passionate about the environment, remember that children have a short attention span and may not have the attention span to sit through a lecture about the environment. Find creative ways such as songs, to teach them. Have them write poetry and skits, and look for television programmes about the environment.