Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is designed to create awareness about our business to our stakeholders. We ensure that we contribute in a sustainable manner through our activities to social, economic and technological progress. Our corporate social responsibility activities are targeted at the community and at the environment.

At our company, we ensure that we maintain the highest level of integrity when it comes to the principles of our corporate social responsibility. We ensure that all our subcontractors also follow our CSR procedures when conducting their activities.

We are committed to observing that our operations are in line with our current environmental management policy. It is important that we serve the needs of the society as we understand that it is one of the major factors that will aid a sustainable business.

The key part of our practice is energy efficiency and it is what makes us the best in the industry. We create employment opportunities and allow young people to be a part of our team. We are committed to helping the community and so we organize projects for job seekers and interactive sessions for young children.


We have set up projects to encourage young minds on the need to preserve the environment by creating awareness to the general public on the need for renewable energy.


We offer a year-round training and seminars on the ways to conserve energy and the importance of alternative energy for the promotion of a sustainable environment. For more information on our seminars, please consult our CSR report.


We have committed ourselves to utilize our resources and technologies to serve the community that stands to benefit from our business. For more information about our activities in communities, kindly check our CSR report.


We are a company that is concerned about the environment and because of that, we follow the best practices in our operations to preserve the environment. We play an active role in creating awareness and fight against the climate change. We ensure that we set a good example by following all environmental regulations that would protect the climate and reduce the risk of hazards.

Reduced carbon footprint

Our goal is to ensure that we reduce carbon footprint and by this, we make use of 100% green electricity. We encourage the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency. We also incorporate a green environment for our employees by encouraging public transport and the use of bikes for employees.

CSR for suppliers and contractors

We are committed to ensuring environmental sustainability and as such we ensure that all suppliers and contractors follow strictly our CST standards. We ensure that suppliers comply with our CSR standards on safety, labour and the environment when working with us. The purpose of this is to ensure that there is a positive change in the communities where our suppliers operate.


The central purpose of our company is to build a sustainable business. As part of our CSR initiative, we provide players with a great experience great online community and support. We might go as far as to say that players come to us for the superior Unibet Sports Betting Experience whenever they make their bets. We believe that the sustainability of our business depends largely on how well customers continue to patronize our products and services. We want to ensure that customers remain loyal to us and continue and we will continue to build a sustainable relationship with them.